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ТОО «Научно-технический Центр Новые Проекты» вошло в состав Технического комитета по стандартизации "Интеллектуальные транспортные системы ITS" на основании Приказа Председателя Комитета технического регулирования и метрологии МИР РК. Задачей Технического комитета является создание совокупной системы, объединяющей организацию дорожного движения, обеспечение безопасности дорожного движения, а также предоставление информационного сервиса для участников дорожного движения и потенциальных субъектов транспортного процесса.


28 октября 2015 г.

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ТОО «Научно-технический Центр Новые Проекты» приняло участие в VI Международном Инвестиционном Форуме, который проходил в г.Астана с 28 по 30 октября 2015г.
Наша компания выступает проектировщиком комплекса системы ITS – «Новая транспортная система города Астаны». Целью проекта является создание эффективной системы управления дорожным движением, гармонично развивающейся и интегрированной с транспортным комплексом города Астаны.

ITS обеспечит включение в единую систему проектируемых и всех существующих автоматизированных средств регулирования дорожного движения в городе Астане.
В рамках реализации указанного проекта, на выставке были продемонстрированы технические решения ведущих мировых производителей в области дорожного движения - SWARCO MIZAR, AEP, FLIR и AESYS.



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national-leader-kz-2013По результатам статического ранжирования, которое было проведено согласно «Общему классификатору видов экономической деятельности» (ОКЭД), утвержденному приказом Председателя Агентства Республики Казахстан по статистике от «20» мая 2008 №67, ТОО «Научно-технический Центр Новые Проекты» вошло в ТОП-3 по ОКЭД 46.51 (оптовая торговля компьютерами, периферийным компьютерным оборудованием и программным обеспечением) среди средних предприятий республики Казахстан.

RedSpeed - automatic capturing and processsing system of traffic laws violations

About the system

Technical devices of automatic capturing and processing of traffic laws violations are widely used worldwide. So, in the United Kingdom more than 6 thousand of violations capturing cameras are installed, in Germany-5 thousands, in France-3 thousand, in the USA-4 thousand.

Пример установкиRedSpeed в Великобритании (Лондон)

Image 1. Example of RedSpeed installation in the United Kingdom (London)


Integration of technical devices of violations 'photo and video capturing enables to decrease the number of traffic accidents up to 30% on the sites with installed equipment, and also maximally exclude the human factor in police work due to  the exclusion of contacts between policeman and offenders.

In consideration of international experience, beginning with 2006 year, RedSpeed- technical device of traffic laws violations' capturing is applied in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Примеры установки RedSpeed в Казахстане (г. Астана)
Image.2. Examples of RedSpeed installation in Kazakhstan (Astana)


Products of RedSpeed International is widely known all over the world. They are applied by law enforcement bodies, state and municipal structures, and also organizations, dealing with road and highway maintenance in more than twelve countries on five continents: Kazakhstan, USA, United Kingdom, India, Slovenia, Greece, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Andorra, Spain, Mexico, Sri Lanka, etc.

RedSpeed International production is certified by Committee of standardization, metrology and certification of Ministry of Industry and trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan (State Standard), and also has International Quality Certificate  (BS EN ISO 9001:2000).

System components

Automatic capturing and processing system of traffic laws violations consists of the automatic capturing equipment of traffic laws violations (systems for capturing of speed and red light violations), and also processing centers for reception and processing of violation data.


Пример установки RedSpeed на оживленных улицах города
Image.3. Example of Red Speed installation on city thoroughfares


Stationary systems for speed and red light violations capturing are installed on accident clusters with high level of traffic accidents - on direct speed road sites, artificial devices with limited visibility, intersections of city's main streets.

Processing centers receives traffic laws violations' data from the speed and red light violations' capturing systems, register administrative violations, notify violators of the violation and control the fine payment in time.


System operation technology

The system enables to capture speed and red light violations.

To control red light violations, device is connected directly to intersection's traffic controller. Speed of vehicles, passing through the controlled road site is measured by sensors, installed in road surface.

When the violation - passing of vehicle on stop-line on intersection on red light, or overrun on green light-is established, the violation is captured, at least, by three images of violators.


Image 4. System operation technology


Two images are used as comprehensive evidence that vehicle has violated the limited speed threshold or crossed the intersection on red light. Further in the course of proceedings, the second check of the images is performed, using markers and time, marked on each image.

Integrated backlight module, not hindering traffic participants, allowing the equipment to operate 24/7 in all weather conditions.


All acquired images and data are encrypted and recorded on special media, excluding the possibility of re-recording. The data is protected from non-authorized access by industrial encryption system of high-reliability.


RedSpeed automatically registers in data base the violation's time, site, type, serial number, vehicle speed, lane, volume's number, number of block of cameras and time after red light activation.

All data and images, received from the system are translated to system processing center for further processing.


Процессиноговыйцентр полиции Процессиноговыйцентр полиции
Image.5. Police processing center

Software of processing center compares the registered violations quantity with issued notifications of traffic laws violation. Thus, the human factor is completely excluded from the police departments work.

High payback of the system

8One RedSpeed device captures to 50-60 violations for the same period. First this discipline drivers and foremost the economic effect is obvious. Stationary RedSpeed in practice are recompensed in 3-6 months depending on site of installation.

RedSpeed advantages

  • Violations are captured by three digital images. There is possibility for additional expertise, using these images.
  • Total control of operator's actions in the Processing center.
  • The system has international and Kazakhstan certificates.
  • Fast return on investments.
  • The system has proved the possibility of operation in tough weather conditions.


Installation benefits

System installation leads to significant drop off of the violations and traumatism of drivers and pedestrians on road sites.

Inevitability of punishment for committed offence increase discipline of vehicle drivers.

Exclusion of human factor in system operation furthers to inevitability of punishment of the offenders and prevents possible corruption among the state agencies' personnel.

Completeness of collected penalties for committed offences, fast return on investments and provision of additional financial receipts to the state budget.