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ТОО «Научно-технический Центр Новые Проекты» вошло в состав Технического комитета по стандартизации "Интеллектуальные транспортные системы ITS" на основании Приказа Председателя Комитета технического регулирования и метрологии МИР РК. Задачей Технического комитета является создание совокупной системы, объединяющей организацию дорожного движения, обеспечение безопасности дорожного движения, а также предоставление информационного сервиса для участников дорожного движения и потенциальных субъектов транспортного процесса.


28 октября 2015 г.

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ТОО «Научно-технический Центр Новые Проекты» приняло участие в VI Международном Инвестиционном Форуме, который проходил в г.Астана с 28 по 30 октября 2015г.
Наша компания выступает проектировщиком комплекса системы ITS – «Новая транспортная система города Астаны». Целью проекта является создание эффективной системы управления дорожным движением, гармонично развивающейся и интегрированной с транспортным комплексом города Астаны.

ITS обеспечит включение в единую систему проектируемых и всех существующих автоматизированных средств регулирования дорожного движения в городе Астане.
В рамках реализации указанного проекта, на выставке были продемонстрированы технические решения ведущих мировых производителей в области дорожного движения - SWARCO MIZAR, AEP, FLIR и AESYS.



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national-leader-kz-2013По результатам статического ранжирования, которое было проведено согласно «Общему классификатору видов экономической деятельности» (ОКЭД), утвержденному приказом Председателя Агентства Республики Казахстан по статистике от «20» мая 2008 №67, ТОО «Научно-технический Центр Новые Проекты» вошло в ТОП-3 по ОКЭД 46.51 (оптовая торговля компьютерами, периферийным компьютерным оборудованием и программным обеспечением) среди средних предприятий республики Казахстан.


By Erin Person,
International Marketing Assistant


The ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan , a former Soviet Socialist Republic , is situated deep in the Eurasian continent, stretching from Eastern Europe well into Asia . As the country's infrastructure continues to grow, the implementation of video security equipment is increasingly being relied upon to assist local law enforcement deal with the effects of traffic, crime and resource management.

The police forces in the capital city of Astana as well as in the cities of Karaganda and Kostany have teamed with NTC NP, an authorized Pelco dealer, to install video security systems to help ease congestion and improve traffic management.

Additionally, the Pelco video systems have proved invaluable in helping maintain order and improve the allocation of police resources.

The first installation in Astana started in 1999, and updates have taken place yearly. Future installations and expansions are being designed. Today, a full range of Pelco products is used by local police forces in their efforts to maintain order over a highly taxed traffic system. At the heart of the installation is a combination of Spectra III domes and Esprit positioning camera systems. Understanding the need for a reliable, long-term solution, these systems are able to operate in the extreme weather conditions prevalent in this part of the world.

But the outdoor camera systems are only part of the story. System 9760/9770 video matrix switches along with PelcoFiber fiber optic transmission equipment and DX8000 digital video recorders route, transmit and archive video signals.

“These systems were selected because they offer the police force the best platform for future expansion of the video system, the best range of PTZ and dome cameras, a variety of transmission solutions in analog and digital, the best video storage solutions, the ability for integration, and, of course, unbeatable service and Pelco's 100% customer satisfaction guaranty,” explained Evgeni Tochev, Pelco Area Manager for Southeastern Europe.

With the Pelco video security systems installed, the police have been able to respond more quickly than before to prevent crimes and other disorder in the cities. Upon receiving information at the police call center, operators are able to key in and retrieve the appropriate video signal in real time. With these systems in place, police have been able to capture many criminals and bring them to justice.

“As Astana continues to grow, we have to supply new, and at times, distant regions with video security capabilities,” continued Tochev. “Thanks to PelcoNET transmission capabilities, bringing high-quality images from these remote locales is made that much easier.”

And according to Tochev, with the success of the current systems in place, the Government of Kazakhstan has developed a long-term program to install Pelco security systems in several other cities.

Immediate Results

When the Astana police department received a call concerning an explosive device found in a local building, they viewed video from installed cameras and soon realized that it was not only a false alarm but that the caller was in their sights. Soon thereafter, the caller was arrested and the false alarm put to rest.

In other places, cameras have identified hit and run victims and helped bring the perpetrators to justice. Additionally, pick pockets have been identified and prosecuted, and fights have been prevented thanks to the “electronic eye” of Pelco video security systems.