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ТОО «Научно-технический Центр Новые Проекты» вошло в состав Технического комитета по стандартизации "Интеллектуальные транспортные системы ITS" на основании Приказа Председателя Комитета технического регулирования и метрологии МИР РК. Задачей Технического комитета является создание совокупной системы, объединяющей организацию дорожного движения, обеспечение безопасности дорожного движения, а также предоставление информационного сервиса для участников дорожного движения и потенциальных субъектов транспортного процесса.


28 октября 2015 г.

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ТОО «Научно-технический Центр Новые Проекты» приняло участие в VI Международном Инвестиционном Форуме, который проходил в г.Астана с 28 по 30 октября 2015г.
Наша компания выступает проектировщиком комплекса системы ITS – «Новая транспортная система города Астаны». Целью проекта является создание эффективной системы управления дорожным движением, гармонично развивающейся и интегрированной с транспортным комплексом города Астаны.

ITS обеспечит включение в единую систему проектируемых и всех существующих автоматизированных средств регулирования дорожного движения в городе Астане.
В рамках реализации указанного проекта, на выставке были продемонстрированы технические решения ведущих мировых производителей в области дорожного движения - SWARCO MIZAR, AEP, FLIR и AESYS.



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national-leader-kz-2013По результатам статического ранжирования, которое было проведено согласно «Общему классификатору видов экономической деятельности» (ОКЭД), утвержденному приказом Председателя Агентства Республики Казахстан по статистике от «20» мая 2008 №67, ТОО «Научно-технический Центр Новые Проекты» вошло в ТОП-3 по ОКЭД 46.51 (оптовая торговля компьютерами, периферийным компьютерным оборудованием и программным обеспечением) среди средних предприятий республики Казахстан.

ИСО 9001-2009


Company profile

NTC New Projects Ltd. is a system integrator in the sphere of big technological projects realization in the field of complex security systems, telecommunications and video control, automation of operative and manufacturing processes and creation of intellectual systems and operative control centers.

The company offers solutions and services of the whole processing chain of creation automated and information systems: consulting - designing - integration - maintenance - support. The company activity is directed at solution of high technological customers' tasks, which increase the effectiveness of their business by means of application of advance technologies, professionalism and experience of company specialists.

The advantages of the proposed solutions are based on constant researches and advance technologies of modern IT-market, allowing customer to realize the professional schemes of information systems development and automation of entrepreneurship of any scale and complexity.

Except for the supply of products and technological solutions of customer development, the company is a supply wide-range of qualitative special computer equipment, network and video equipment and software of the leading world manufacturers.

Special attention is paid to the quality of service and irreproachable adherence to the terms of the concluded contracts. Besides warranty maintenance, the technical service of our company offers optimal services: repair works on customer's site, post-warranty maintenance, and programs of development and modernization of the existing system in whole and its elements separately.

Main directions of company activity in the sphere of designing, creation and maintenance of:

  • Complex security systems, automation of technological processes for state agencies and major corporate customers;
  • Corporate and departmental communication networks, advanced systems of data, video and voice transfer on IP technology base;
  • Mobile command and staff complexes, which are the combination of of technical communication devices, located in the body of box van on the base of off-road vehicle, and provide remote and full-functional operation in departmental network of the customer;
  • Operating control centers for law-enforcement bodies and municipal services;
  • Major security systems, systems of intellectual transport infrastructure in city scale;
  • Video control and personnel access control systems on secured and restricted areas, and also on enterprises with high risk level of technological accidents and public security threats;
  • Automated video control and traffic violations capturing systems, processing centers in the sphere of imposition and control of exaction of a penalty;
  • Geographically distributed automated systems of vehicles and cargo delivery for transport organizations and custom agencies;
  • Systems of video control and accounting of traffic flows on controlled road sites and city line;
  • Vehicles of special purpose (mobile station of Operating Control Center, mobile vehicles' number plates recognition and capturing system, vehicle for capturing and processing of road traffic accidents materials);
  • Scanning examination complexes (SEC) for scanning of large-size cargo and vehicles;
  • Identification systems of radioactive inclusions in cargo transport (vehicles and railway transport), baggage of passengers and pedestrians.

Reliability and quality of integrated solutions

Reliability -is the main reason by choosing of a system and making solution of its creation. Equipment, suggested by the company is certified and corresponds to domestic and international quality and security standards.

NTC NP Ltd. has successfully integrated and maintains the Quality Management System, in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 standards. This is confirmed by TUV International RUS -the international quality certificate.

Working with wide range of production of the leading world manufacturers, such as Pelco , Alvarion, Sun Microsystems , Compaq, APC, HP, Microsoft, the company suggests advanced solutions to provide the customer's company with highly effective operation.

Reasonable pricing policy

Combining the possibilities of own manufacture with supply of technologies and equipment of the established authorities in the high technology sphere, specialists of our company offer the optimal choice from the investments point of view. Our saving on costs principles by designing and creation of automated and informational systems, enable to supply customer with optimal solution, which combines price/quality criteria.